Saturday, May 30, 2009


I remembered that I'm on an email list for SydneyBiMen, and it occurred to me that it might be worth trolling on there for a guy to join me and and Lisa. So sent this out:
Mid40s bi M here, in good shape. I meet up about once a week with a 35yo woman for a bit of daytime fun. She knows I'm bi and wants to have a bi MMF threesome thing. We've done this once before but he wasn't much chop.

So I'm looking for a bi guy to help out. Has to be 25-40, in good shape. Has to be cut. Has to be able to string a sentence together. And (this is important) has to be able to be free daytimes (mid-morning, maybe lunchtime) once in a while given a bit of notice. Location is inner east. Please don't message me if you're too far away.

I have face and body pics of myself which I'm happy to share. I have pics of her which I'm quite a bit more careful about. You have to have a couple of pics of your face to make this work.

I'm trying to state this all as clearly as possible. Please don't message me if you live in Parramatta and are uncut, can only meet on Tuesday evenings and don't have a facepic.

If I don't respond to your email, you can take that as a 'no'. Sorry to sound like a dick about it, but it's easier this way.
I don't expect any joy from this but I did have a lot of fun writing it. The picture above, by the way, is me and some guy I met on Friday morning. Married, bi, early 30s, great body. But somehow... no real sizzle (although the pic does suggest that we got on pretty well anyway). I find that one-on-one meets with guys these days leave me a bit cold.

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