Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Real Estate.

I'd been chatting a while with a guy, let's call him Adam, about having some fun with his wife. And today we finally made it work.

I was at home mid-morning, as I often am. There was a knock on the door, I opened it. There was Adam and his wife. I'd never met them before and I was agreeably surprised. Both late 40s. He's about 5'8" with a very masculine, friendly face and a very matter-of-fact mien which I quite liked. She's almost six feet tall, dark-haired, attractive. She thought they'd come to look at my apartment as a real estate investment.

Adam and I had set this up. He'd assured me that she loved this sort of thing - she would go into what he called slut-mode and so long as I agreed to obey their rules (I wasn't allowed to kiss her, for example) he and I could do all sorts of things with her. I asked about a few things I like to do and he said that she'd do whatever we asked. This concerned me, so I pushed a bit. "What if I ask her to do something that's she really doesn't like, can she say no?" and he said that yes, she did indeed have free will. Otherwise it would creep me out somewhat.

Anyway. Once they came into my apartment and asked a couple questions about the place, I handed her a piece of paper which had written on it "Slut - go into the corner. Take your underwear off. Show us your ass and cunt.". She read this and then gave him a look which spoke volumes. It was that look someone has when they're told that they're on candid camera, but twinged with affectionate spousal annoyance and a bit of sexual excitement as well. He told me later that they'd been a couple for 25 years. And it showed, in a good way.

So she went into the corner, hiked her skirt up, her panties down and did indeed show us the goods. I made a cup of tea for Adam and me and we chatted a bit between ourselves. Then we got to work fucking her. He had a lovely thick cut cock and I had to remind myself more than once that (for the purposes of this little adventure) I'm 100% straight.

Then, after we'd all cleaned up I made her a cup of tea as well and we sat around chatting. They said that until about a year ago they'd never done anything like that, but that she loved it and he loved facilitating. Then they went off very happily to have lunch.

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Mia Dickinson said...

I think if I ever got married and found a man like that I would be a very happy girl!