Thursday, May 7, 2009

I finally get to fuck Penny

About two months ago I had a drink with Penny, then we tried to hook up a couple of times but due to scheduling conflicts it never quite worked out. She would also sometimes text me late at night (late for me, anyway) asking if I was free but I was always either out doing something or too tired to go out. I encouraged her in this; I do love a booty call.

Wednesday it finally worked. She was out to dinner and she sent me a text at about 9pm asking how I was. I responded succinctly: "horny". Even though I wasn't, as it happened, especially horny.

I went over to her place around 1030pm, she'd just gotten in from dinner. There was a lingering smell of marijuana and she seemed a little dazed. We talked a while and I was as charming as I could be under the circumstances and I touched her a lot to keep things going.

Then we got undressed and started fucking. She pretty much wanted to just lie there and be fucked, which is fine by me, but we were on her bed and it's very soft and I felt like I just couldn't get settled, we seemed to be moving around too much, almost bouncing, and I couldn't get my rhythm right and it was all a bit stop-start but it seemed to do the trick. She wanted me to stay the night but I was keen to get home (it was late! and that bed wouldn't be good for two people to sleep on).

I don't think we'll do it again. She did offer to cook dinner for me next time though, which does get me a bit excited.

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