Friday, May 8, 2009

Lisa and the plumbers.

Lisa came over today just after lunch. I'd just come back from a run and I knew I only had a few minutes before she showed up, so I jumped in the shower and... no water! I made a quick phone call and discovered that there were some guys somewhere in the building fixing something, and as I wasn't too crusty I just let it lie.

Then when Lisa knocked on my door and I let her in, I noticed a stepladder in the hallway (I'm on the top floor of my building, they access the roof through the ceiling just outside my door) and I chatted briefly to the nice young man who was climbing down and he assured me that he was, in fact, there to fix some plumbing mishap and wondered if I might be able to help him a bit later on. Which I said yes to, of course, and ushered Lisa in.

Lisa and I chatted for a minute then started fucking. I love fucking with Lisa, she's funny and adventurous and I find I can just turn my self-censor off and just enjoy it. Anyway, we'd reached a point where I needed to take a break (exhausted, too close to coming) and there was a knock on the door.

I hastily put some shorts on (and nothing else.. no shirt) and closed the bedroom door. I opened the front door and the plumber guy, who was a nice-looking young man in his mid 20s, asked me if I could turn on a hot tap to see if it worked. Which it did. I closed the door, went back to Lisa, we were in hysterics. The guy had seen me welcome her into the apartment, then when he'd knocked on the door there'd been a muffled "wait", then after quite a while I showed up at my door shirtless with (almost certainly) a flushed face and a boner in my shorts. I told her the plumber was kind of hot, which we agreed raised all sorts of possibilities.

Then another knock on the door. I put the shorts back on, left the bedroom door a bit open (Lisa liked this) and answered it. My plumber friend again, with his colleague. Who was also mid20s and even hotter. I told them that everything was fine, thanks and then went back to Lisa. Again, much hilarity, then some fucking.

Of course in the fantasy version I would have invited them in to fuck Lisa while I watched. She had the same idea. But we were too slow.

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thedirtyblonde said...

Somewhere, in another part of the blogiverse, there's a plumber typing up a post about an attractive man with an obvious boner and his rampaging female friend who were obviously at it when he was fixing a problem.

His blog entry finishes with him and his colleague wishing they had said something about joining in instead of rushing off to the next job for a chain-smoking, bingo lady-armed matron with frosty pink lipstick, who kept offering them cold drinks and good times on her dog hair-covered couch.