Friday, May 8, 2009


There's a profile on a BDSM-y site I'm on, a woman in her mid30s. She doesn't say much, just that she's over-educated, intelligent and has a good sense of humor. She's been on there for 2 years and says she's a novice. She says "Seduce me with words. Excite me. Make me surrender...." So I took a stab at it. Chances of a response? I'm estimating about 25%.


How about this for an idea. You go to a man's apartment. He's in his mid-40s, you've maybe chatted with him on the phone a bit and he seems nice. Articulate, imaginative, sensible (and a bit depraved too, but in a nice way).

When you get there he takes charge of you - perhaps you're blindfolded as you walk in, you can't see him. He's nice about it, but firm and you can tell he's done this before. (You also know, after chatting with him a bit, that's he someone who knows it's all just about fun, and he'd stop if it stopped being fun.)

He has a calm voice, he talks to you as he's using you (nicely). After it's all finished you have dinner together and then plan the next adventure.

Interested? I'm open to reasonable counterproposals too. What gets you going?

I am, as you guessed, mid40s, articulate, nice(ish), sensible, somewhat depraved. And very interested in mind games of various kinds.

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J said...

And, of course, nothing. Not even a "thanks but no thanks". As expected....