Friday, April 3, 2009


This with Penny, a 30-something woman I met and had a drink with a couple of weeks ago and who I was supposed to see again last night until she cancelled. So I rescheduled and was on my out to have dinner with Claire when Penny texted me again to see if she could reinstate our date..

Penny: If we promise to finish by 11pm we could still have our 'play' tonight... or is it too late notice?

Me: Damn! I have a dinner+movie date

Penny: oohh nice, I wish I'd got in earlier. Oh well.

Penny (5 mins later): Tell me what you like to do .. in bed

Me: Among other things, pin you down and fuck you hard.

Penny: Mmm.. I wish you could cancel your date

Me: I'm also rather partial to doing you from behind (maybe preceded by a nice tease-y backrub)

Penny: Doggy is my favorite

Me: Doggy was my favorite too, but i've recently rediscovered face-to-face fucking. The trick is to keep it nice and raunchy

Me: (about 10 seconds later) Oh, and I love anal sex as well

Penny : Of course. Have you done anal sex face-to-face?

Me: Yes. It has great visual appeal.

Penny: and it feels w o n d e r f u l


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