Friday, April 3, 2009


You will, no doubt, remember me mentioning briefly my new friend Lisa, who was going to come over one day and masturbate while I was doing some admin work so I could watch out of the corner of my eye.

Well, that particular day didn't work out after all (not entirely a bad thing, I really can't do two things at once) as her husband had the car or something. Yes, she's another married one.

What I like about this daytime sex with married women is that it's so neatly compartmentalized: we meet up, we have sex, we have a few laughs, they leave. It exists by itself in a little bubble. And unlike, say Oona, they don't bug me about "why don't you ever want to introduce me to your friends?", "why don't you ever want to take me out to dinner?" etc., although oddly enough I did in fact take Oona out for dinner during the week. But we no longer fuck.

Lisa's in her mid30s, married (apparently quite happily), bright and amusing, and until she goes back to work in a couple of months is housebound with a young child. She's bored. We've gotten together maybe half a dozen times and I've run all my usual ideas past her and she's not recoiled in horror. She loves it in the ass and says that her husband's cock is very thick and it's quite an effort to get it in there (and he's too tired half the time) so my eagerness and normal-sized cock makes that all work nicely.

Wednesday morning I met her at an adult store and we went shopping. A big rabbit-y vibe and some anal beads (actually, two different strings of anal beads. One smaller, one larger.) Then when we got back to my place, before we tried out all the new stuff, we went to the bathroom where I lay down in the tub and she pissed on my cock - she was squatting just over me, her pussy almost touching my cock as she did. I returned the favor. Then, after a shower, we tried out all the new stuff.

Thursday morning after she came over I blindfolded her, then there was a knock on my door and it was Mike, a guy we'd found on the same site we'd met on. Neither of us had ever met him before, but he was pretty much what he's said he was... mid30s, nice-looking, decent guy. (But, as Lisa and I agreed when we discussed it later, very hung over.) He and I undressed her, then blindfold off and we all had a very agreeable (yes, that word again) time.

After he left I took her out for lunch. We agreed that we probably wouldn't see Mike again, even though it'd been fun.

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