Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A quick note on pets.

In a post earlier today I mentioned that I'm on an actual dating (as opposed to fucking) site, and that one of the filters I use on that is that I won't follow up with anyone who has a pet. I was chatting about this earlier today with someone (you know who you are!) and she said, not unreasonably, that this sounded a bit restrictive. It's alright for me not to have pets if I don't want to, but why rule out dating someone just because they have a pet?

A few reasons (and I've made these up after writing the no-pets rule):
  • I have to have a few filters just to keep the workload down
  • I grew up on a farm and we had a very strict rule: humans inside, animals outside.
  • People who have pets have apartments that smell of pets.
  • If I ended up in a relationship with someone who had a pet, I'd have to interact with the pet. And I don't like pets
  • dogs jump on me; it's because I have such kind eyes
  • that whole stereotype about women who have cats: it's true!
Oona (about whom I haven't written much, but who was a great playmate for quite a while) had a number of very annoying characteristics, but one of the worst was that she couldn't walk past a dog in the street without getting down face-to-face with it, rubbing it, talking to it in baby-talk and it occurred to me one day that if I saw her do it again I was going to throw up. So no more Oona. (I'm enhancing here for dramatic effect. There were other triggers as well.)

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pancime said...

Had to laugh re women stopping and petting pets - I went out with a woman for a very long time who did this - ahhrrggh!
But if I saw a shop full of computer gizmos or other boy toys, it was all 'come on' and 'I'm bored' etc. after 1.5 seconds. Fair enough, but I should get to enforce the same iron law with pet petting.
As for the infinite deferral of a meet, well, I have an issue with arrangements, but not quite the same as yours. I can't bear the 'let's meet between 4 and 5pm next Tuesday for sex'. That's the kind of appointment I make with my dentist - well, the oral is different, but you get my drift I suspect. For me it is now, or let's wait 'til I see you online next time...