Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lisa. Faking it. And her friend.

Lisa came over this morning, it was our first time for a couple of weeks. Last time had been at her place and I was a bit nervous because her husband's stuff is everywhere and it all felt a bit strange. I go into guest-mode when I'm at someone else's place anyway, and fucking a married woman in her own house unsettles me somehow.

But at my place today it was a different story. We chatted for a bit then fucked. She loves it in the ass and I especially like fucking her in the ass when she's on her back so I can watch her play with her pussy at the same time. I'm having a lovely vivid flashback right now, in fact.

At one point I was about to come, so I stopped, and told her why. "If I come", I said, "the show's over, I can't come twice in a session". She seemed surprised, "but you came twice the first time we fucked". She has a terrifyingly good memory and I realised that I must have faked it. At least the first time I "came". I said that I must have been inspired that first time and that seemed to satisfy her.

Afterwards we had lunch and she was telling me about a friend of hers who she tells all her secrets to, and how she'd told this friend about me and had even shown her a picture of me, which I found very amusing. And then she nearly fell off her seat.. the friend had walked into the restaurant. This is such a superb coincidence that even as I write this I'm wondering whether I made it up, but I didn't. The friend's early 30s, dark-haired, very attractive. She came over to talk to us, and Lisa introduced me without any explanation and I knew that the friend knew exactly who I was. I so love this.

After we left the friend texted Lisa to say that she thought I was hot.


Anonymous said...

Lucky you, man! Fuck! *lol*

Looking forward to reading more of your adventures. I'm a straight man but I still appreciate the flexibility of attractiveness so I love reading these stories 8lol*.
Take care.

J said...

Who are you? Geez...and what's with all the 'lol'?