Friday, April 17, 2009


Tina invited me to a party. So I went. It was in a hotel suite, and there was Tina, me, Tina's friend Brenda, and few other couples. It was, I realised, a swingers party. And the first one I'd been to quite some time, having sworn off them a while back.

Age range was 35 to - I'm guessing - early 50s. I'd been told that all the guys were straight so I didn't pay much attention to them, but the women were all good. Fun to talk to, pretty normal, and for the most part, fairly hot. But then, once things had started to heat up, I noticed that they were all wearing fishnet stockings of one sort or another, and that none of them were going to take off the stockings (although Brenda, once she and I started playing, told me that I could tear hers off, which was actually quite tricky as they're not as flimsy as they looked and appeared to have the tensile strength of fishing line). They all kept their shoes on too, so the whole thing looked exactly like that really unimaginative porn you often see.

Is this life imitating art?

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