Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Rather a busy day yesterday.

I got a text from Sarah on the weekend asking if I was free at all during the week for a 'catch-up' and I said that it was a busy week and wasn't sure etc. So she emailed me her schedule and told me exactly when she was able to come by and invited me to pick a time, and I ignored it overnight and the next morning was just about to send her a text saying that I was sick or out of town or something and I realised that I was actually horny.

I'd been a bit off-color for a couple of weeks. A slight uneasiness in my groin, my cock a bit tender, the very tip of it quite sore. Everything still worked ok, I could get a hardon, I could come, but it all felt a bit tentative. I went to see Dr Dick the Dick Doctor and he said that it probably wasn't your usual cock-rot (for which he ordered all the usual tests anyway) but was more likely prostatitis, which apparently reflects as pain in the cock especially at the tip. He prescribed me something for that, and even by the time I ran into him at the gallery thing on Thursday I went to with Claire (where I ran into Terri.. and how I wish I could have introduced those two to each other) I was feeling much better. And it turns out I come back completely clean for all the usual social diseases.

So as I was thinking about having Sarah come over I could feel an unfamiliar stirring in my pants... it was working again! She came over yesterday before lunch and she was barely in the door before I had her half-undressed and we were both quite worked up, and I didn't have to think what am i dong next, or when's this over?, instead I was able to follow my instincts and it all went beautifully and when I fucked her it had a real agreeable urgency about it which we both love. Afterwards we lay about in my bed and talked about food a while, then we fucked again. And again, that urgency, that primitive lust. It's back!

She sent me a text that afternoon: "that was utterly gorgeous today, on every level. so glad you're back in form". Which was good. Then just as I was giving myself a pat on the back for that I got a text from Rhonda, about whom I've written once or twice. She was in town and wanted to know if I was free that night. Usually I'm not but as luck would have it I did have a free evening so I said I was up for just about anything.

So I met Rhonda and a friend of hers, Brian, for dinner. Brian's married, stocky, masculine early40s, and also from out of town and he and Rhonda, it transpired, met at a conference once and occasionally get together and fuck. I was charming at dinner, of course, and then we went for a walk around my neighborhood, then back to Rhonda's hotel room. I had no idea how much she'd told Brian about me, but once she got me undressed Brian started sucking my cock so I figured she must have told him at least something. It was, as it turned our, Brian's first time sucking cock and he did a very good job. But then again, guys usually do. We know cocks. He seemed quite pleased with himself. I'm guessing that he had confided to Rhonda at some stage earlier in the day that he was kind of interested in maybe sucking a guy's cock and Rhonda would have said "I know just the guy.. and he only lives 5 minutes from here!".

Brian and I fucked Rhonda, and I of course fucked her in the ass. But not before I'd gotten Brian up on all fours, lubed him up and slid my cock into his ass. For a first-timer he did very well and he was quite pleased with himself and very grateful. In a blokey and very masculine sort of way, of course. It turned out that we both support the same football team and we both grew up in the same part of rural Victoria and were, hence, probably distant relatives.

I was chatting with my friend Mary today and she said that I'd been seen out in the neighborhood with someone and wondered who it was. She said I was with an attractive woman and a man. I texted her back "We both fucked her, then I fucked him while she watched. Quite fun really. How was your evening?"

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