Wednesday, July 29, 2009

One of each.

I had lunch with Sarah on Friday, then quickly scuttled back to my apartment to get ready. Ready for what? I can almost hear you ask. Well, you may remember she and I had cooked up a plan. She'd been chatting with some guy online who was kind of curious about doing stuff with another guy. And in particular, wanted to try sucking cock and being fucked. While a woman watched. And the guy (this just gets better) is mid-40s and married. She, of course, thought of me.

So as I went back to my place, she went off to meet him. Lance, his name is. (Or rather, isn't. But for our purposes right here it is.) She brought him up to my place and introduced us. "This is Lance", she said to me, "and he wants to be fucked." My initial impression was pretty favorable. He's mid 40s, quite handsome, nicely-dressed and with a good body.

I got him to stand still while I walked around him slowly, touching him, checking him out. Feeling his ass and whatnot. Sarah sat on the couch and watched. He was getting a nice hardon. I got him to whip his cock out and it was very nice - average length, but nice and thick. Then I made him kneel and told him to suck my cock and, as he started, gave him pretty specific feedback on how he was doing it. Men, even if they've never sucked cock before, do it well.

Then after a while I took him into the bedroom and got him up on all fours on the bed. Sarah sat on the bed next to me and watched. I lubed him up and slid my finger into his ass. Very tight! I told them both that once I'd been with a married couple where the deal was that I was going to fuck the husband for his first time while she watched, but I could tell almost straight away that he'd had cock in his ass before. His secret was safe with me, I didn't say anything.

I had a decent hardon, but not enough to get my cock into his very tight ass (I tried and failed a couple of times). I cast around for something to do that would get me nice and hard but in the end that distraction was enough. I got my cock in and started fucking him, and I was agreeably surprised at how well he took it. Like a man, as I later told Sarah.

After a few minutes of fucking him I - predictably - got bored. We lay on the bed for a while, chatting. Sarah and I are quite similar, and when I said to her later in an email that the more he talked the less I liked him she said I hit the nail on the head. It was slightly awkward - I'd arranged with Sarah that after I'd fucked him and he'd left, I'd fuck her. (Her idea.) But she hadn't actually told him that. And we were both, as we discussed later, trying to figure out a way to gracefully ease him out so we could finish it off. We chatted for a while, then he seemed to realise that he was, in fact, the third wheel, and he left. I sorted Sarah out then we lay in bed chatting for ages.

We were talking about anal sex - probably because she'd just seen me fucking Lance. I'd fucked Sarah in the ass once, her one and only time of having anal. She thought it was so-so. I told her that I thought it was great that she was willing to try it (she even suggested it) but it that I could tell at the time that it wasn't doing much for her. Some woman, I told her, just adore it.

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