Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Lisa and compliments.

Lisa came over yesterday and we fucked. We have a running joke that we have to keep meeting up and having sex until we get it right, and so after every session we have a little mock-discussion about how it was good but that there's still some way to go, there are still areas for improvement and whatnot. But it really was superb.

Afterwards we lay in bed for a while, then got some lunch and went down to the little park by the harbour and ate and then lay on the grass in the sunshine. Sydney, for all its crassness and corruption and sheer incompetence, is breathtakingly beautiful if you happen to live in one of the nice bits. As I do.

She said I don't take compliments at all well. And I know, too, that the fact that I don't compliment her much seems to annoy her. (Oona once took me to task for never saying that she looked nice, but the reality was that she just didn't look nice and I can't just say stuff for the sake of it.) My issue with Lisa and compliments is, I think, that I'm always a bit worried that she's getting too attached, and so when she says something nice about me it makes me squirm a little.

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