Sunday, September 20, 2009


I was messaged a week or so ago on an adult site by a woman I'm going to call Kate. According to her profile she was 40, divorced, adventurous and just looking for like-minded playmates. She also likes bi men. Perfect! We messaged back and forth for a day then arranged to meet up for a drink.

We had a drink and a chat. She was easy to talk to, easy on the eye and was in good shape. We chatted amiably for a while then I excused myself and left. We'd arranged to meet for a drink and we'd had a pleasant half hour and I figured that having a longer drink wasn't going to do anything for me (she had a real drink, I had something non-alcoholic).

As I was walking away I sent her a text to the effect that it had been nice meeting her and that i was looking forward to playing. She shot one back immediately: "What are you doing tomorrow?". Part of what makes Kate an interesting proposition is that she's like me, she's free a lot during the day.

So I sent one back "I'm free around lunchtime. Fucking?" I do love to be blunt, as you know.

She came back: "I was thinking lunch, actually. Perhaps followed by sex if you behaved appropriately. "Fucking" isn't my thing..."

I nearly lost it at this point. We'd met on an adult site, where she'd approached me. We'd met for a drink. We'd talked about sex quite a bit. She'd asked me if I was free the next day... and now she's being a princess about it? We'd have lunch, then she'd make some call about whether I'd behaved appropriately (and given that we'd met on an adult site, what exactly is appropriate? In her profile it says she likes bondage and anal sex). And then if I got over that hurdle we could get around to me getting my cock in her ass but we can't call it fucking?

I calmed down a bit and suggested a venue for lunch. I pointed out that it was very close to my place, and that if we both behaved appropriately we could go back to mine.

We had lunch. Then back to my place. I fucked her. Not sure we'll do it again.

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thediftyblonde said...

Thank goodness you're back and posting.