Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Neighbor really sucks.

I had a houseguest most of last week and I couldn't really get out and about much. But I did notice that in the mornings my houseguest would get up at about 9 each morning, and usually by then I'd been out for a run, read the paper, had coffee and whatnot.

So I put a listing on a gay cruising website. Bear in mind that my neighborhood is the second-gayest in the whole country and it's teeming with attractive men who like other men. My listing?
Anyone feel like sucking my cock or being fucked tomorrow or thurs (16th, 17th) around 7am? I have houseguests, it's the only chance I have to get out and about. Your place, not mine. Masc mid40s bi guy here. 6" cut cock. Nothing fancy.. I just show up, we play, then I go.
I put this up on the Tuesday night. And I got quite a few responses, including one from a guy who lives in the building directly across the street from me. He gave me his apartment number and I said I'd be there at 7.

Sure enough, the next morning I rang the bell for his apartment. He buzzed me in and I went up to his floor. The door to his apartment was unlocked, as we'd discussed. I had a very cursory look around as I took my flipflops off (I'm all class, I know) and went into the bedroom. He was feigning sleep, which I rather liked. We both knew that it was completely unrealistic for him to be asleep; he'd only a minute earlier buzzed me into the building, but it's the thought that counts.

He half-opened his eyes as I slid my shorts down and got my cock out. He was, as I expected, about 10 years older and not as buff as he'd made out in his profile but in a way I quite liked that. I don't like guys being hotter than me, it unnerves me a little.

He sucked my cock, I came in his mouth (which he'd said he liked.. I don't fancy it much) then I hastily pulled my shorts up and thanked him and we had a chat about the new owners of the coffee shop next to my building and then I left.

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