Friday, December 4, 2009

Lovely afternoon at the seaside.

Lisa came over on Tuesday and, as usual, I nearly texted her in the morning to tell her not to. I just wasn't feeling especially horny, for one thing. But also, I was vaguely resentful at the thought of having to come home at lunchtime (I really do have other things to do, you know) and because we're fucking every week it's starting to feel like a bit of an imposition.

I didn't text her to put her off though. I reminded myself that even though I wasn't all that horny first thing in the morning, by the time she showed up and was naked in my apartment I'd be fine. And I was. We didn't do anything especially fancy (no wet celery, eggbeaters, motorcycle helmet) but I did give her a very solid fucking. Front and back. When I'd fucked her last week I hadn't done her ass so I figured I owed her one. She takes a cock in her ass much better than I do.

Then yesterday as I was work I got a phone call from her. She was going to the beach and wondered if I wanted to come along for a quick swim. Now, this is slightly concerning. I have issues with Lisa and her mission creep - so long as we stick to fucking we're fine, but if I'm not careful we end up having lunch and whatnot and then she'll fall for me again. But then again, it was hot and sunny out and I was a bit bored. So I said yes and we went to the beach and had a swim, and she told me she'd seen Steve the previous day and gave me a nice detailed rundown on what she and he had been up to. Which I liked, of course. She said that even though Steve was lot of of fun to play with, he wasn't as much into actual fucking as I am.

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XX said...

"She takes a cock in her ass much better than I do"

ha ha, nice ;)