Saturday, December 26, 2009


On one of the adult sites I'm on (and yes, there are quite a few... given my range of interests) there was a profile I rather liked. 32yo woman, not all that far from me, and with very little written in the profile. Less really is more, I find.

I messaged her, she messaged back. We shifted to msn. She was quite amusing and punchy on chat and I decided to overlook her use of 'lol'. She was, she told me, a lawyer. She asked me what I was doing on that site and I said I was looking for women who wanted to fuck around. I'm quite honest. I asked her, and the answer was a bit more complicated.

She said she'd only put a profile up because of her work; she was representing a guy who'd met someone on that site, and he'd ended up in a relationship and it'd all gone sour and they ended up in court. And she figured she needed to go on the site to see what was going on. Or something like that. I didn't quite believe her. We chatted for a few days then I suggested we meet for coffee.

I met her. She was tall and attractive and very nervous. I was the first person she'd met in this way and it showed. We had a coffee and a chat, and a couple of things she said made me pretty sure that we'd end up fucking before too long. I fixed her phone and she said something like 'now we have to have sex then', and it was kind of a joke but I think also a way for her to give herself a bit of a nudge.

After the coffee date we arranged to meet up two days later, in the evening, for some fun. But at the last minute she backed out. I wasn't too upset; I'd had a busy day and I wasn't all that horny. Also, I really did thing that she wasn't playing games - we really would end up fucking anyway.

Then on Tuesday afternoon I got a message from her. We were both going to be out of town from the following day for a couple of weeks so any conceivable cock-in-cunt action wasn't going to be til mid-January at the earliest. But she was wondering what I was up to right then. And the answer of course, was not much.

So she jumped in a cab and came over. The highlight was when we were having a mid-fuck break, the sort of thing where if we were smokers we'd be having a cigarette, and she asked me how old I was. I told her and she had a minor freakout. Then, when she'd calmed down we fucked again.