Friday, December 4, 2009

Watch and play.

About a month ago I met a gay man who likes straight porn. His partner was away, we chatted a bit, and I ended up at his place and we watched his entire porn collection and had quite a bit of low-key fun with each other while we were doing it. It turned out he's like me - he likes talking about sex just about as much as doing it, so we were able to keep each other amused for a very long time. Watching porn, talking about what was going on in the porn, talking about real-life experiences, fantasies. Nice guy too, and handsome. And for a gay guy, very interested in women. We'll do it again when his partner's out of town again. But we'll need some more porn.

Anyway, I enjoyed this so much I changed my profile on a gay site I'm on to say:
I like hooking up with masculine guys for the usual man-on-man fun, but what I really like is watching straight porn with another guy. And playing too, of course.
And I got lots of guys messaging me. Some were bi guys, which I expected, but most of them were gay guys who like watching straight porn. Huh? Well, I suspect that if you're mostly gay but even just a little bit straight then straight porn's more appealing than gay porn, only because there's nothing really exotic or unattainable about gay porn - there's nothing you see in gay porn that you couldn't actually do just by rounding up a few guys.

Anyway. One guy messaged me this afternoon and I was about to respond with my usual "I'm not free right now, but maybe later next week" when I remembered that this was, in fact, something I rather like doing and the guy was only about 10 minutes' walk from my place and he said he had some great straight porn (2 or 3 guys, one girl, lots of ass fucking). So I went over.

Nice guy. Very handsome. Great body. We played around, watched some lucky girl get rather a lot of cock. We both came. We chatted a bit. I left.


thedirtyblonde said...

I'll never understand why about the only porn I'll choose to watch is gay man porn, why nearly straight man on the planet is too defensive in sexuality to watch anything but straight and F/M/F porn and now why many gay men seem to like watching straight porn. Horses for courses, I guess. I saw someone last night who wanted me to spit on the head of his cock, so we all have our own quirks.

Very civilised afternoon with the guy who messaged you.

XX said...

Nice post. I watch the odd bit of straight porn now and then and I do get off on it, but I am not entirely sure what I am getting off on. I like looking at the man, I like looking at the girl, but what arouses me the most, I cannot identify. Strange.