Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I was thinking about this latest thing with Lisa (she loves me, she said) and what to do about it. My first instinct is to run. That's also my second and probably my third instinct as well.

But over the last day or two I've started to think that maybe I'm being too hasty. I've never given her any reason to think that our "relationship" extends past fucking and the occasional lunch. And I've been careful not to do anything to give her any impression that it means anything more to me. So if she's unable to compartmentalise, then that's her problem.

She came over this morning. We talked a bit. She said I'd been behaving strangely since our discussion (it was really a monologue; I didn't say anything) on Friday. I explained that I'd been freaked out, and that what I wanted was to have things back to how they were. And that, as for us, it is what it is.

Then I fucked her. I'm feeling slightly queasy about the whole thing.


Snarl said...

It is her problem if she can't compartmentalise, but I'd still run run run run run away if I were you. You haven't given her any reason to move in that direction and yet she has anyway, which sounds needy. She's not going to get what she wants out of it, it can only end in tears. Cut and run. She might pretend for a while she's cool with it, but if she really feels that way you'll only get more uneasy with the situation.

Anonymous said...

Stating the obvious (?) here AND a sweeping generalisation BUT most men can compartmentalise - sex is just sex to them. Women can't do the compartmentalisation quite so well - for them sex and love/emotions are usually (mostly)intertwined...so sooner or later, even though they might start out with the idea that they can just have sex without any emotions getting involved....they struggle, and often just can't.

Cut and run. Fast.