Sunday, August 23, 2009

More Lisa. And the bit where it all goes haywire.

Lisa's been very keen to have some sort of MMF thing where the other guy's bi (Dave was straight) and she'd met a guy we'll call Steve who seemed to fit the bill nicely. He was in his early 30s, she and he had fucked a couple of times and he was very keen to try stuff with another guy (me). But because of his job - and, I suspect, general unreliability - we'd never been able to plan it.

Then out of the blue, late last week I got a message from Lisa asking if I was free on Friday night for some fun with her and Steve. And as luck would have it, I was indeed free that night.

So late Friday afternoon I showed up at a hotel room. Steve was a very agreeable surprise; early 30s, quite blokey, solid build, nice face. We sat around for a few minutes then started in. I'll leave out most of the details (nothing you haven't seen in porn) but I will mention one highlight, the bit where I fucked Steve while Lisa watched. Actually, she was sucking his cock and watching in the mirror. He had a very tight ass and it wasn't easy, for either of us. After a couple of minutes he gave me a discreet hand-signal to the effect that he'd had enough, and I stopped. She didn't notice. Oh, and another guy showed up. Tom, a friend of Steve's. He was left out a bit; when I was comparing notes afterwards with Lisa it turned out that neither of us had fancied him. So he ended up just watching a lot.

And then it all went strange. We finished. It was about 10pm and I was exhausted. I'd had a busy day and the fucking had taken a lot out of me. I wanted to go home. Lisa suggested she come back to my place on the way back to hers for a 'de-brief'. Not a bad idea, I though. It's fun after something like that to compare notes.

But in the cab on the way to my place she started musing about why I hadn't asked her anything about the problems she'd been having with her husband (which I'd heard a bit about on Tuesday, when I was fucking her at my place at lunchtime). And the reason I didn't, of course, is because I'm quite keen to maintain separation. We are, after all, just fuckbuddies. I don't want to get involved in her domestic drama, that's entirely her business. But after we got back to place it started to get worse...

We were sitting on the couch. I was almost comotase. And she started wondering whether I had the same feelings for her as she had for me.. and that those feelings she was having were something to do with 'love'. I can't remember exactly what she said but I do remember the L-word coming out and in my mind there were alarms going off, bells ringing, ducks falling down out of the ceiling and I was frozen. I was too tired to speak, but even if had been able to speak I would have been rendered silent. Then she said she hoped she hadn't freaked me out. Aaaaarghhhh!

I haven't spoken to her since.

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HSMom said...

I winced while reading this and I wasn't even there.
Women (and I say this as a female of the species) sometimes look for validation that they're not sluts this way. "I'm not a freaky whore. I have feeeeelings for him"

Of course I don't suffer myself from such issues as I revel in being a slutty whore. :)