Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy man.

I went to see Harriet again last night, and I managed the whole thing much better. I arrived at her place, bustled in and immediately set her to work. I'd had a fairly stressful day, and I was still a bit annoyed at the way she's no needy, and so I was quite a bit more bossy and forceful than I usually am and of course she loved it.

I'm really a fairly gentle and easy-going person but I do like once in a while having the chance to release my inner bastard. I had sent her a text mid-afternoon describing a particular thing I wanted to do to her and I said "If you seem reluctant I'm just going to MAKE you do it", but then of course I couldn't help sending a follow-up text, in parentheses, saying "(of course if there's something you really don't want to do, just so say in a calm voice)". Which pretty much sums up my approach to this stuff.

What I had proposed to her (not for the first time) was that I wanted her to piss for me while I watched. She claimed she was shy, but I told her that just made it more fun. Then I had a brainwave: I texted her "If you don't piss for me, I'm going to stick my cock in your mouth and piss in there. That should give you an incentive". Which she liked.

Then, bizarrely enough, after we'd finished with the sex and we were lying on the bed together she proposed that I should stay the night. Huh? You might remember from my last installment in the Harriet saga that she didn't want us to talk, she just wanted to be fucked hard. I pointed out to her how annoyingly inconsistent this was, and she thought for a moment and said that because I'd already fucked her hard and been mean and bossy we could afford to have some conversation afterwards. I didn't stay the night for various practical reasons.

Then, the next morning I was pleasantly surprised not to get a text from her saying that she felt strange, or unsettled or somehow weirded out. Instead I got one saying thankyou and that she was horny again. So I'm doing something right.

And then at lunchtime today, as I was buying my sandwich, I got a call from David. He was in a hotel room near my work with a woman he'd found on some website somewhere, an archetypal horny housewife, to whom he'd suggested that maybe she needed two cocks rather than one. Ten minutes later I was there before she could even think about changing her mind. She was great fun. A little shy, she'd never done anything like that before, which I thought was quite charming and I told her so. I couldn't help noticing that David has a very nice cock and I had to remind myself that - at least according to Cathy - he's quite homophobic. And so I had to also remind myself to resist the urge to grab it.

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