Monday, November 3, 2008

Two women, two stories.

I love women in their 40s. For a start, they're my contemporaries so I find them easier to talk to, but also, they're grown-ups. They're not looking for a husband (they had one and he was a dud, or they've given up on the idea), they're not looking for someone to father their children, they're not looking for a meal ticket. Women in their 20s, especially, seem to think of their sexuality as a commodity that they need to extract some value for, they have a transactional approach to sex. This changes in mid30s, and by about 40 women have become more like men. Girls just wanna have fun. And yes, I know this is just a string of generalisations, and that generalisations are always wrong. Especially that one.

This last week two women friends told me stories that surprised me, and I think also surprised them a bit too. They both said that these were things they wouldn't have dreamed of doing a couple of years ago. I also love that they tell me this sort of stuff.

First, Lila. She's prone to occasional bouts of aching horniness. During one of these she was online on a dating site and got chatting with a 28yo guy, he worked in IT and was having a slow day. She was at home, working. They chatted a bit. Something about his profile made her wonder, so she asked if he was fat. "Not really", he said, which is hardly encouraging.

He said he was just starting his lunch break so she invited him over. When she opened the door she very nearly shut it again in his face. He was chubby, had a spotty face and was ugly. She was upset - more with herself than with him. But she brought him in and decided to make the most of it. She was, after all, horny as hell. As she closed the door behind him she told him that the deal was that he had to do exactly what she said. No more and no less. That was the only way she could contemplate doing anything with him. He agreed.

So for the next half hour or so, she told him exactly what to do to make her happy, and he did it. (She didn't give me details, anyway they're irrelevant.) Then he left. I told her that for this particular fat pimply ugly IT guy what had happened was probably the sexual highlight of his life. And not just his life so far.. I mean his entire life. And that's hot.

And then Carrie. She was grocery shopping after the school run, about 10 in the morning when she was approached by a man. He was, she told me, reasonably handsome and vaguely familiar (she worked out later that he's a famous sportsman) and he asked her point-blank whether she would fuck him. Without thinking about it too much she said yes, and then he suggested that they go to a nearby park and fuck - there's a wooded area, not too many joggers and dogwalkers. She agreed. She put her grocery shopping in the car then followed him to the park. They fucked. She said he like an animal, quite predatory, and he was someone who was clearly used to getting his own way and that the whole thing was incredibly hot.

What she liked about it, she said, was that she went from respectable ex-wife and mom to being fucked in a park by a strange man within about 10 minutes flat. And she felt better for it.

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