Sunday, November 16, 2008

Harriet quits.

I saw Harriet on Friday, but in a different context. Instead of being at her apartment with my cock in her ass, I was at her work. She cuts hair, as it turns out. She owns a small but very up-market hair salon in an affluent and hip inner-city suburb, and over the last few weeks as we've been playing we've talked a bit about her business and her clientele.

The last couple of times we've played, she's suggested she should cut my hair. I thought about it and decided why the hell not? She's clearly competent. She has a significant number of male clients. I know her.

So Friday afternoon I showed up at her salon. She cut my hair, we chatted. She told me she had dated a guy a couple of times and it was going well, so she wanted to stop playing with me. Now, the thing about this other guy may or may not be true, but it doesn't matter much. She might just be bored, or confused about what she wants. But she at least had the good grace to do it properly. From my perspective, given the amount of uncertainly about she wanted (see the last half-dozen posts about Harriet) I never expected that it'd last this long. And it was incredibly good fun.

She said she's learnt a lot about herself from playing with me, and that I'd really opened her up sexually (or words to that effect - that's quite a confronting image, now I think about it). Funnily enough I feel like I learnt a lot too.

The cut looked good - very good. She said it was on the house and that we should go out for a drink sometime. I can't tell whether she means it, but it would be fun. I wished her all the best with this new-guy-who-may-or-may-not-exist and went back to work.

Two of the women I work with noticed my haircut and said it looked good. Then I went out Friday night and kept getting hit on by women. The haircut works! I'm smokin' hot! I messaged Harriet and told her. I'm so going back for another one.

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Anonymous said...

My first thought was, so, she gives good hair? I'll come back when I think of something more intelligent.