Monday, November 17, 2008

You may recall that I was supposed to catch up with Joan for a little adventure we had planned, where she was going to be fisted and then thoroughly fucked by me and a friend - she's never met him, but I've told her about him and she calls him my 'fisting acquaintance'. She wanted to be blindfolded and tied up for this but I talked her out of it. I got my friend (let's call him Chris) lined up for it and we were going to do it tonight.

But this morning I realised I just wasn't in the mood. Why? Various things. For a start, my job's a bit of a nightmare at the moment and I'm unusually stressed. Also, my situation with Claire has got me worried - why can't I work out what I want? And what about Prudence? (I'm seeing them both tomorrow night, by the way. Separately. No hanky-panky involoved.)

So I called Joan and she was fine with it. I explained that rather than a night of experimental sex and a sleepover, what I really wanted was dinner and a convival chat - I need company, fully-clothed company at that. Joan and I often have dinner as a prelude to sex, and she's an amusing and engaging dining companion (in a way that Harriet wouldn't be; she's too earnest).

So that's exactly what we did. We talked mostly business. We laughed a lot. It was very good fun. I was home by 830pm. Sweet!

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