Saturday, November 8, 2008

Harriet really is as mad as a cut snake.

A (long) postscript to my last visit with Harriet. She'd been getting a bit antsy about how superficial our 'relationship' was, which was a little annoying because the whole premise of the thing was that it was just going to be about sex. When we'd first met for a drink she'd said "let's just be sex-friends", which I thought sounded perfect. But now, she said she wanted more of a connection, she wanted me to hang around longer we were done fucking. And so on....

I figured I'd play along with it, for a couple of reasons:
  • I quite like her, even though she's a bit too earnest
  • she's hot
  • there's a few things we haven't done yet (friendly policeman, watersports, just to name two)
I run this though my usual "what's in it for me?" analysis and I come up with a net positive, and so I keep on. I know this thing won't last all that long (she's a bit all over the place, and also I have a very short attention span) but it's fun while it lasts.

So when I went to her place on Wednesday night, as well as the usual bossiness and rough sex (and she likes rough sex more than I do, I'm coming to realise) we talked quite a lot. If connection's the price I have to pay, I thought, I'm happy to pay it. Besides, I quite like talking and I do like her.

Wednesday night, after I'd left she sent me a text:
You have to fuck me again.. soon. I'm so hungry still. I did enjoy our conversation tonight. That was nice, I like that. Sexy man, I look forward to more conversation. And.. sucking on your cock, that was amazing.
As you can imagine, I thought that was pretty good. Then, the next morning, I get this:
Yes, last night's conversation and not much sex was nice, but you can't do that again to me. I didn't feel good when you left. And I do hate to say this because I really liked talking to you, but I need to keep it sexual because otherwise i'll start to like you more... and for me to keep fucking you casually i can't do that. Sorry to get all heavy but i had bad dreams about it.
Well. Make up your fucking mind. If anyone's interested, one of the many differences between having sex with men vs sex with women is that men, by and large, aren't completely loopy about stuff like this.

Anyway, I'm going to tie her up and fuck her on Monday. And I'm not going to talk. At all.

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Anonymous said...

Gag her and change the PIN on her phone so she can't text you afterwards.