Sunday, November 30, 2008

Drought, rough sex and the fairy-tale bedroom.

I broke my drought last night. Judith picked me up at 7, we drove to her place. Once we got there we chatted for a while, then started making out in her living-room. We were still pretty much dressed, and while I was sitting on the sofa she knelt down and got my cock out of my pants and started sucking it with gusto.

I'm still recovering from my sessions with Harriet, and one thing for sure about Harriet was that she liked rough sex, the rougher the better really. It's not something I'd ever been really keen on (I like being in charge, and I like giving the odd spanking but that's about it) but with Harriet I started really getting into it. She especially liked being fucked hard in the mouth... essentially, she liked having her head held still and then having my cock shoved in and out almost to the point she was gagging. Or alternatively, liked me grabbing her head and shoving it down on my cock, again and again and then holding her there. Same effect. I'd seen this in porn and I never liked it. But when I did it with her, I found out much to my surprise I loved it... who knew? And more to the point, what's happening to me?

Back to Judith: I had noticed with Judith that a couple of times when we've fucked, when she's been right on the cusp of coming and starting to get quite verbal she'd said she wanted it rough. I file this stuff away, of course. Two reasons, in this case 1) if she says she likes it rough and then I immediately start being rough it's not any fun, I might as well wash the floors and do the garden, and 2) until Harriet I didn't have a good idea of what rough was, or indeed, whether I liked it.

So last night as I was sitting on her couch, my pants down around my ankles, she kneeling between my knees sucking my cock I thought to myself something along the lines of:
  • I like rough sex, apparently
  • she has said on more than one occasion she likes it
  • so do something about it, what have I got to lose? What do I want, a written invitation?
So I tentatively put one hand behind her head (and I know some women really hate this - I know I do) and started taking more of the initiative; instead of her bobbing up and down on my cock, I was thrusting a bit. She moaned in a way that sounded quite appreciative. So I did it more.. and more moaning. She has long dark straight hair, like Harriet, so I took hold of it quite firmly, my hand on the back of head, like a ponytail, and held her head like that as I started to fuck her mouth. She loved it. Sex never ceases to amaze me.

We played around some more, she came. Then the delivery guy arrived with our dinner, we got dressed and ate and talked a lot about relationships, relatives, kids, the works. Then I took her to her bedroom and you don't need to know much more about the rest of it, but I'll sketch some of the interesting bits (as opposed to the organ-grinding).
  • Again, with Judith and me we tend to lose ourselves in what we're doing. I get very worked up and my self-censor breaks down, so I'm a bit more instinctive than I usually am. I can get surprisingly verbal, and I feel like I have licence to be quite controlling. She likes it, after all.
  • She said, after a while, something like "I'll do anything.. anything you want", and luckily I had the presence of mind not to say something like "iron my shirts" or "do my taxes".
  • She adores anal sex. This is all due to me, I remind myself.
Eventually, I came. I ration myself; I know that I really can't come more than once in a night, so that means that once I've come the show's all over. So I need to make sure that I don't come for at last a decent interval. In effect, I control when the thing finishes and I need to judge it. One of the lucky side-effects of being in my mid-40s is that it takes quite a bit for me to come so coming too soon isn't a problem (unless I fake it, or just want to finish).For example, I can very rarely come from having my cock sucked. In fact, you can suck my cock all night (see, there's a challenge!) and I won't come.

And if I've been playing for quite a while without coming I seem to get a bit numb. My cock's still hard, I'm horny as hell.. but I think it gets used to the idea of not coming, it seems to habituate. It's like a second brain sometimes, I really don't know how women manage without one.

But finally, I came. We collapsed in a heap, she as always agreeably sweaty. We kissed, congratulated ourselves on doing a good job.. and then I drifted off to sleep immediately. This happens to me with Judith but not with anyone else. I think because her bedroom is very quiet and white and she has a lovely big bed with lovely bedding on it and it's all a bit like being in a fairy-tale, especially when I think about my own bachelor pad with the noises outside: cop cars driving around, drunks fighting the park, british tourists singing Oasis songs and then vomiting. Or maybe the drunks and the british backpackers are the same people, now I think about it.

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Anonymous said...

Rough sex is fun. I could go some rough sex.

I like how it's a form of permission for each person to strip off layers of civilised and polite social behaviour and get a little gropey and pinchy and bruisy.