Monday, July 14, 2008


I was talking to a friend the other day about fetishes, and about how some of them can get quite specific, and I remembered a guy I'd run across when I lived in London (notice I didn't say come across.) I never met him but I must have read his profile a dozen times. He had a thing for being beaten on the buttocks with a rolled-up newspaper by an older man wearing a suit. He was quite specific, and there's something a bit magical in the details.

First, it had to be a broadsheet newspaper, which (and this was a couple of years ago) narrowed it down to four. He wasn't going to be beaten with a rolled-up copy of the Currant Bun, or the Daily Mail. And among the broadsheets, he didn't want the Guardian. Too soft-left, one assumes; it's the newspaper for social workers. The Indy and the Times were barely acceptable. What he really wanted, it turned out, was to be beaten with a rolled-up copy of the Telegraph. And in a horrible way that does make a lot of sense.

Anyone have any other ones? It's the specificity I like. Don't be shy, leave a comment.


anna louise said...

I always tell people my fetish.It's men wearing my panties while we have sex.It just sends me wild seeing a masculine man in some dainty little thong.
My other is seeing mens cocks touch each other.I just find it so arousing.And if they cum on each other im in total ectasy.

J said...

I couldn't help you with the first one. But the second would be very manageable....