Sunday, July 20, 2008


Those of you with long memories will recall the ad I put in the local equivalent of Craigslist, where I wrote:

Ever fantasised about being over a guy's knee, skirt up, being spanked? Not so hard that it really hurts, just hard enough for it to be fun?
Handsome and basically normal single guy in mid40s, Eastern suburbs, looking for adventurous and naughty younger woman for fun. Spanking, maybe roleplay. I'm literate, imaginative. Limits very much respected.

So far, 2 replies. First one was a week ago. She wrote...

Fantasised and had it done to me, not nearly enough. 24 year old girl in eastern suburbs too

Which I thought was a great start. So I emailed her.. and nothing. In my limited experience with this sort of stuff, women in their 20s are much less likely to follow through than women in their 30s or 40s. I'm starting to form a hypothesis about this, which I'll elaborate on at some point.

Then yesterday, I got this....

Hey, saw your msg on [craigslist]. I'm a 29yo inner city gal, just looking to meet new &
fun people. I am about 5'7", curvy [some detail here I'll omit]. I must admit I have always wondered what it would be like to be spanked but too scared to find out! Would like to hear more about you and possibly meet so email me or msg me if you're interested :)

This is a bit more promising. And I do rather like the bit about always wondered and too scared to find out. I emailed her. Let's see....


Anonymous said...

I'm always intrigued to see how other people fare on these personals sites. I hope you find a nice girl to spank!

J said...

This one (responder #2) seems fine. We've chatted a bit, she gave me her phone number. I think she's about a 75% chance.

I wouldn't have thought of doing this, but two women I know hooked up with guys on these sorts of ads. They said they responded to something very specific. As opposed to 'horny middle-aged pervert looking for nice woman for anything ".