Sunday, July 13, 2008


For the last few days I've been seized by the urge to spank someone, and as noone I currently see is really into it, I put an ad up on the local equivalent of Craigslist:

Ever fantasised about being over a guy's knee, skirt up, being spanked? Not so hard that it really hurts, just hard enough for it to be fun?
Handsome and basically normal single guy in mid40s, Eastern suburbs, looking for adventurous and naughty younger woman for fun. Spanking, maybe roleplay. I'm literate, imaginative. Limits very much respected.

What I'm hoping (and I know this is very much a longshot) is that someone will stumble across it and it'll trigger something - one of those moments where our hypothetical reader smacks her forehead with her open palm and says to herself "Yes, that's exactly what I've been wanting for ages...."

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