Tuesday, July 29, 2008


You may recall I'd put a listing in the local version of Craigslist , and had gotten a couple of replies. Two dead ends, one live lead. I'll call her Dee. We messaged back and forth, spoke on the phone. She'd never been spanked; she'd never hooked up with someone from online. Which I kind of liked. We arranged to meet up for a drink last night near where I live.

I was at the bar a little before 8. It's quite a nice grown-up place, piano music, cocktails and whatnot. I was wearing a suit. I look good in a suit, also, I thought, she was clearly very interested in the idea of being spanked by an older man (she's 29, I'm somewhere in my 40s) so I thought that a suit would, well, suit. I fended off the waitresses (slow Tuesday night) and waited for her.

She showed up. Looking quite presentable, but nervous. We chatted a bit, I ordered drinks. She apologised for talking too much and said she was very nervous, which I said was understandable. As I pointed out, she was meeting a strange man who liked to spank younger women. She asked me if I was an ax-murderer, and I assured her that I wasn't.. but couldn't help adding that that was exactly what a real ax-murderer would say.

We chatted a bit more. She relaxed. Then, as we finished our second round of drinks (mocktail for me, I'm a real lightweight these days) she leaned forward..

"What now?", she asked

"Well, now that you're relaxed and comfortable with me, I think next time we meet I should spank you".

She looked a bit perplexed "What about right now..? You live near here, don't you?"

I wasn't bargaining on this. My apartment was in a real state. But a half-second's worth of analysis convinced me. She was up for it right there and then. If I let her go, she might go off the idea. So I took her back to my place. I asked her to sit down for a couple of minutes while I made a perfunctory effort to tidy up.

"What do we do now", she asked.

"Whatever we like", I answered, "but given how we met, we should start by me spanking you."

She seemed very agreeable to that idea. I sat down on the couch, got her across my knee, raised her skirt and gave her a few exploratory slaps on the asscheeks. She liked it, so I hiked her panties up a bit to bare her cheeks and gave her a few more. Then, of course, gently running my finger tips over her thighs and butt, spanking her again. She raised her butt, spread her legs a little. She was, I soon found out, nice and wet.

Later, in the bedroom.. she's naked, lying facedown on the bed. I'm sitting next to her, with one hand spanking her bare butt, with the other teasing her pussy. She came. She asked to be spanking again. How could I refuse?

Afterwards, we lay on the bed talking. She's surprisingly literary and we discussed our favorite words. I told her mine was 'feckless'. We nearly fell asleep, then, about midnight I walked her downstairs and got her a cab. Partly because I'm such a considerate host, but also because I was very much in the mood for a post-coital snack. She wants to do it again.

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Anonymous said...

Found your blog by way of MILF's and am enjoying the read. The spanking thing is really starting to intrigue me now..I may have to see how my husband or my playmate feels about putting me over their knee one of these days!