Friday, July 18, 2008


I've been corresponding with a woman I'll Donna. We started chatting on a vanilla site, but I noticed that she had put 'domination/submission' as something she was interested in. I was hoping, as always, that she was going to be someone who'd been thinking about it for ages and was looking to be taken by the hand and led astray, but it turned out she'd done just about everything imaginable. She lived far enough from me that it was going to be difficult, but then she told me she was going to be staying in a fancy hotel near where I live on Saturday night - she's there for some dinner things - and wanted to know if I was going to be free around 10pm.

Well, I have a dinner on too, but I'm notorious among my friends for leaving things around 10 or 1030 because I get tired and grumpy. So yes, I could make it to her hotel. But what to do? I send her this...

[Donna ]
Nice talking to you today, it's always good to hear someone's voice. I will be free tomorrow night from about 10pm, as it happens. I'm going to dinner, but I can always excuse myself...

As I see it, there are three options:
1) we meet up and have a drink and chat. then play another time.
2) we meet up and have a drink, then if we like each other, we go up to your room to play
3) we meet very briefly, we don't have a drink or a chat. we play.

Here's how I see option 3. You're in the bar. I come in. We see each other. If I look ok, you come over and give me a spare key to your room, and I give you a blindfold. You go up to your room, put the blindfold on. I'll come up in a minute or two. We start playing...
What I like with this setup, if you can get comfortable with it, is that it's like we're complete strangers. Whereas if we have a chat and a drink I'll start to be too nice. Sometimes I'm too much of a gentlemen, and we probably don't want that.
I'd need to know what do you do and don't like. I like blindfolds, teasing, mild spanking, bondage (but I'm not sure I'll be able to bring anything with me), toys, anal, watersports.. always safe. I like being in charge, but I'm fairly calm when I'm doing it. I don't like shouting, and I'm not at all into anything too painful.

Any thoughts?

She loved it!

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