Saturday, March 7, 2009

So where's the missus...?

I've been having a few messages back and forth on some hookup site with a couple.. or maybe just a guy. And that's the issue. He's early 50s, bi, likes fucking guys, and if I believe his story, he was a wife in her early 40s who likes to join in. They live not far from me. So far so good, right?

I ran into him again this morning on msn and he said he was there with his wife and she wanted to see my bod. I was happy to oblige. Then she, apparently, wanted to see my cock. Again, happy to oblige. But at the same time I'm quite aware of the fact that there's a good chance that there's no wife.. it's just him.

Then he said, of course, that rather than the three of us meeting up, she wants him to meet me first. Oh, and she doesn't just want him to meet me.. she apparently wants him to fuck me as well.

So while they're on msn with me I gave them my landline number and asked them to call me. Just enough to say hello, didn't have to be a long call at all. He said that they'd call me on Tuesday. Tuesday? Huh? This is when I really start to smell a rat. If he's on the level he's there with his wife, it's 8am on a Sunday morning, they're very keen to meet.. and all of a sudden she's in the shower. And he can call me but she can't. So I said they should call me when she gets out of the shower. But no, he wants to call me on Tuesday. He knows exactly what my issue is. I don't think she exists. He knows why I'm keen for them (or her, really) to call me. And if she was real it'd be very easy to prove....

Postcript: He had told me a while ago that he has a mild foot fetish, and wanted to see my feet. Which I showed him on cam. No harm in that. Anyway, I do love having my feet rubbed, but it's just not really a very sexual thing. But there are some fetishes I can easily accomodate and that's one of them.

So today when I was chatting with him and his alleged wife, he told me that she had a foot fetish as well. And she wanted to see my feet. Right... anyway, I did it. I showed him (or possibly, them) my feet. He said that she wanted to see me come on my feet. Now, of course I'm smelling a pretty huge rat by this point (what an amazing coincidence... his wife likes feet too!) so I declined.


Kimberly said...

Ah, the mystery wife only talks on the phone on Tuesdays...of course, makes perfect sense!

J said...

I didn't hear from his at all, then he sent me a text this morning (Thursday - and I was busily fucking Judith at the time) saying that he couldn't meet today because he's going to be interstate.
Which is odd because we were never going to meet today anyway.