Saturday, March 21, 2009


I put a listing in the local equivalent of Craigslist:

Imaginative and fundamentally decent early40s man in Eastern suburbs, looking for adventurous younger woman for the occasional roleplay adventure. I could be your new boss and you're an eager new employee... or I'm a cop and I've booked you speeding... anything that gives the encounter a bit of oomph and scope for imagination. I'm open to sensible ideas.

Limits very much respected.

I got a response back from a woman in her late 30s, "N". Never done anything like this before, didn't say a lot. She said she was keen and wanted me to describe a scenario...

N -

There's no set way to go about it, and it'd be up to us to come up with something that made sense. When I've done this in the past it works best if you and I talk first (ideally without meeting, phone is good) to get a feel for what we both like, and for me to know what gets you going and what your limits are and whatnot.

But roughly speaking, we work out what kind of a setup it is, and how the first couple of minutes goes.. and then we take it from there. I like it to start out pretty realistic, so if we were doing a job interview it'd start out pretty normal (we would have had to decide in advance what sort of job it was, so we have something to work with). But then I'd point out that there are plenty of applicants for the job and that for someone to land the job they'd have to be able to show me that they were really really keen to get it. And so on.

It doesn't always work. Sometimes one or both people get the giggles, or it just seems too implausible. But when it does work, and you stay in character for a while, it can be lot of fun. I think what makes it really intense is that you can sort of tell yourself that it's not you doing whatever it is you're doing, it's your character. Makes it all a bit more deniable.

Anyway. There's a point in the interview (or whatever the situation is) where you say you'd do anything to get the job. I love that. "Anything?.. really...?" After that it starts to get a bit more hands-on. And what happens after that depends a bit on what you and i talk about beforehand, and what you like and don't like. I have a nice professional appearance, I'm well-spoken and (I've been told) quite handsome. But I'm also a bit of a middle-aged pervert so don't be afraid to tell me what you like.
This seemed to grab her attention and she asked for more detail:

N -

I'll take a deep breath and dive in, shall I? I did warn you... these are just suggestions, of course. It could go any way we want it to.

For a start. there'd be some fairly inappropriate touching through your clothes. Grazing your breasts with the palms of my hands, that sort of thing. You'd be embarrassed, uncomfortable, but at the same time I'd remind you that there are a hundred applicants for the job, and that I need to make sure you really want it.

I'd have to think of some quasi-believable reason to touch you like that, so that, at least at first, even though it's not entirely normal it's not completely abnormal either. This part could go on for quite a while. Your buttocks, thighs etc. I'd be quite calm and nice about it, but you'd have to go along. It becomes obvious that there's quite a bit more to this job interview than you expected. And it'd fun too I can tell you're getting aroused despite yourself. And you know I can tell.

Then I'd get you to undress, I'd have some pretext for seeing what you look like naked. You would of course protest, but I'd remind you that you have to. And on it goes.

Once naked... well, I could get you to show yourself off to me. Or, maybe, explore your body with my hands. After this is all gets a bit blurry.. but here's a few things in point form (I'm tired and can't write coherent sentences any more tonight)...

- i could get you to suck my cock
- i could make you masturbate while I watch
- i could fuck you (actually, this is pretty much always going to be on the menu)
- depending on what we'd agreed beforehand, I could play with your ass, maybe fuck you there

Just a few ideas... any of this appeal? If this is too much for you I can tone it down. Or if there's anything else you like, let me know. (spanking, watersports, bondage.. see, i told you i'm a pervert. But a nice one)
She just emailed back and said yes to everything except the ass-fucking. I can live with that. More to follow...

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You should write porn.