Saturday, November 21, 2009

Just superb, really.

Thursday night I booked a hotel room, just around the corner from where I live. I was a little late so by the time I got there Lisa had checked in already and Steve was there with her. We chatted a little, then each had a little of the medication Lisa had thoughtfully brought with her, then Steve and I spent the next couple of hours fucking Lisa in every way we could imagine, punctuated by occasional bouts of man-on-man action. Including one bit where I fucked Steve while Lisa assisted.

Steve's a bit like me; he loves the idea of being fucked but finds the reality of it a bit challenging. He has an exceptionally tight ass. He left after a couple of hours and Lisa and I kept going, with a break for a swim at the hotel's rooftop pool. And a pizza - a remarkably good pizza too, as it happens.

Then a fitful sleep.


Salacious Soul said...

Sounds amazing! I've always been curious about MMF action. I would have loved to have seen Lisa's face while you fucked Steve. Did she watch from the side of the room, or was she lying next to you both?

trumpeter said...

She was at the other end and I'm not entirely sure what she was doing. Ideally, I would have wanted her down my end, watching my cock go into Steve.