Wednesday, November 18, 2009


I'm on some adult dating site where I periodically trawl for fuckbuddies, and my profile now is quite gruff:
About me:
Mid-40s, decent, sensible guy living in inner Sydney. Easy-going, imaginative, adventurous. In good shape and looking for casual fun. Ideally not just a one-off, I like exploring.

Please note :I'm not really looking for someone for walks on the beach or snuggling up to watch DVDs. Not that there's anything wrong with that of course.

I am looking for:
Someone who's sane, articulate, adventurous and doesn't have lots of tattoos. That should narrow it down nicely.

There was a woman on there today who sounded a bit flaky but possibly fun, so I sent her a nice little email. And I got this back.. I'm still not sure what to make of it (but I do know that the likelihood of the two of us meeting up and having any kind of agreeable fun is zero, for various reasons).

Hi J, thank you for the message. I, 2 am not after anything serious, well not in a relationship anyway!! However very serious in having a great time!!! I love to dance, both on a dance floor and on a decent male/female. I am not a lesbian as I love cock!!! But bi curious??? I believe I'm at my sexual peak. Actually have been since I was 12. So yeah! May be we could go out for a dance sometime and then dance some more???? Sensible??? What really is sensible?? Party hard, Fuck hard!! Read your profile, I see you 2 are bi curious. Baby!! cum to mumma!! Promise I'll be gentle with you, have 12 cocks 4 you to chose from. Love to give. By the way, I'm a top not a bottom!!!! XXX S
This woman is, apparently, 42 years old. Amazing. 16 exclamation points, 12 question marks.


thedirtyblonde said...

And at least three uses of numerals such as 2 and 4 in lieu of English words.

Your profile's refreshing as it doesn't mention 'fun' and you know what you're looking for. And you didn't mention borrowing a caravan, and that's always a good thing.

XX said...

Her lack of correct grammar frightens me. Her enthusiasm excites me.

Are you a Sydney boy? I could have sworn you said Melbourne?

Salacious Soul